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What is Defacto2?

Defacto2 is a web site that is dedicated to the preservation of the computer underground counterculture with a focus on the PC cracking scene.

Defacto2 documents and hosts the legal productions derived from the PC cracking and warez scenes. This means all text files, demos, music, art, magazines and products that are cracking related but are not illegal in themselves are hosted and discussed here.

We chose to cover this once niche subject because in our early days during the late 1990s it was rarely discussed. We believe that without this collection an important element of the computer underground could potentially be lost and eventually forgotten. Due to the nature of robin-hood cracking with its high churn rate for participants this is a scene that is neither well documented nor understood.

Just to clarify, PC refers a personal computer that runs an edition of Microsoft Windows. Or before Windows was mainstream it meant a computer that was IBM-PC compatible that could run MS-DOS (or similar).

On that note we do not actively participate in or support software piracy. We do believe in supporting software developers and can honestly say that all the tools used to create this site were done with purchased software, registered shareware or open-source programs.

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