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Defacto2 Feeds

If you are not familiar with RSS or Atom feeds Wikipedia has a good primer on the subject. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_feed


Each of the 1000+ organisations listed within our site has a unquie Atom feed. These feeds list the most recent files uploaded to Defacto2 that were publish for or published by the organisation. To obtain the feed you just insert feed-atom into the URL.

For example Ansi Creators In Demand page is found at http://www.defacto2.net/organisation/ansi-creators-in-demand
So its Atom feed is found at http://www.defacto2.net/organisation/feed-atom/ansi-creators-in-demand

  • File posts - The UUID and URLID of all the files hosted on Defacto2, descended order by upload date.
  • File changes - The UUID,URLID and date values of all the files hosted on Defacto2, descended order by record change.
    • The updated value is always changed when a record is modified.
    • If the created and updated values match, this record is new.
    • If the deleted and updated values match, this record has been disabled.
    • If the updated value is more recent than both the created and deleted values, the record's data was revised.
  • UUID is an unique alphanumeric, 32 character, Universally Unique IDentifier and is used by media assets hosted on the site. Media assets are optional and if not found return a HTTP 404 status code.
    Example: 01162e5d-d07c-4e21-9c90-dd08a1ba6a04
  • URLID is an unique alphanumeric, 8 character, URL identifier and is used to reference file items.
    Example: a91f976
    • File details as a JSON document: http://www.defacto2.net/file/data-json/urlid
      Example: http://www.defacto2.net/file/data-json/a91f976
    • File details as a HTML5 document: http://www.defacto2.net/file/detail/urlid
      Example: http://www.defacto2.net/file/detail/a91f976
    • Render file in browser: http://www.defacto2.net/file/view/urlid
      Example: http://www.defacto2.net/file/view/a91f976
      *This only works for common file formats that web browsers can display such as images, text, pdf, html, audio and video. Otherwise returns a HTTP 404 status code.
    • Display source of file in browser: http://www.defacto2.net/file/raw/urlid
      Example: http://www.defacto2.net/file/raw/a91f976
      *This only works for file formats that web browsers can parse such as ansi, ascii, text, html and xml documents. Otherwise returns a HTTP 404 status code.
    • Download file: http://www.defacto2.net/file/download/urlid
      Example: http://www.defacto2.net/file/download/a91f976
      *Some file entries do not contain a file for download due to potential copyright conflicts. These will return a HTTP 307 redirect status code and redirect to the http://www.defacto2.net/file/detail/urlid page.